Flight Booking

“Tivoli Makes Corporate Travel Simple, and Dare We Say Enjoyable?”

Oh, yes we do. If you’ve navigated an airport during a storm, you know that problems are rarely resolved to your satisfaction. More often than not, your blood pressure rises and you’re stuck with the “best they can do.” That just won’t do.

When flights are overbooked or delayed, the umpteenth call to customer service goes nowhere. The only thing you want to know is that it’s being handled. Someone knows what’s going on. Someone is taking care of your corporate travel.

Tivoli Travel is that someone. Tivoli has dedicated, smart travel advisors who deal with corporate travel 24/7, there’s nothing we can’t arrange or rearrange.

Tivoli Travel Guarantees:

  • Monitoring airline promotions, reducing costs and increasing perks like free upgrades, buy-one-get-one free specials, free executive stopovers, and more.
  • Giving routing advice including alternate airlines and rules that would be the most cost-effective
  • Advising on ticketing methods, including ticket wholesalers and special charter vendors
  • Providing information on foreign rules and regulations, currency restrictions and conversion rates.

“It’s our white-glove service that eliminates stress so you can focus on your work”

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