“Meetings & Groups”

No One Does Meetings & Group Travel Planning Like Tivoli!

Whatever the size of your meeting, we can find the ideal venue for you, be it in Egypt or overseas. Our expert event managers have a wealth of knowledge of worldwide locations and will be able to recommend an array of suitable meeting spaces.

Let Tivoli find your perfect meeting spot.

As a leader in meeting and group travel planning, Tivoli is big enough to leverage buying power across the world, but our boutique nature stands for tailored service. Our group travel planning includes, but doesn’t stop at:

- Air travel management.

- Budgeting assistance.

- Negotiated airline contracts for group discounts.

- Ground transportation.

- Hotel reservations.

- Arrival and departure manifests.

- Post air travel reporting for spend analysis.

Think of Tivoli as your invisible entourage. Our travel advisors are behind the scenes attending to the details, some you’ll see, some you won’t. We’re dropping names to get those perks and amenities that’ll make your meeting or event wildly successful. We’re pulling strings to handle any changes in plans or issues that pop up.

“Put the burden of group travel planning and corporate meetings on our shoulders”

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